April 18, 2012

 new photos guys. this day was so sunny and worm ♥ i feel spring
my model Alina N.   
 place Loshitsa Park

April 13, 2012


mini-photoshoot from Loshitsa Park

Alina and Slava 

beautiful tree. i love things like this. strange and mystical

April 12, 2012

hello guys! this photos i made in march 8.2012
Polina. She is a photographer too



my super model Alina



me and Anna ♥

me :D

April 11, 2012

today was a hot sunny day. i haven't got school and the whole day me and my friends were in my house doing nothing. when the food in my refrigerator was over we went for a walk. it was a very good day

                   my model is with me again. enjoy new photos

here it is her page in lookbook.nu

April 08, 2012

hi again
today was a good day with my friend Diana. we were in McDonad's and had a little shopping time. it's a pitty that we hadn't bought anything but i am sure we would be lucky the next time


yesterday i had a photoshoot with my friend. i think she is a real model despite that fact that she never worked in the model agencies. we were in the abandoned building. i think we had a good job

April 07, 2012


hello guys,
i am a photographer,artist,musician
and i always wanted to have a blog. so enjoy it ♥